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Paul Trigg

Director CTC (pt II)

Paul Has worked extensively in the United Kingdom as well

as for a long period in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa where

he was a Partner and Technical Director of a very successful

Architectural Practice.

His experience in 45 years of working in the industry has

been considerably varied, ranging from large scale residential

developments to commercial and industrial projects both in

Africa and in the UK.

He has been responsible for delivery of a large bespoke

residential scheme in South East England; this has been

successfully completed as part of a larger enabling project

ensuring the complete refurbishment and extension of a

100-room historic sea front hotel.

Paul has also had extensive experience in the ‘Design and

Build’ element of the construction industry, having worked with

a major national construction company, as lead consultant,

responsible for the delivery of multiple commercial and

industrial projects for National Infrastructure companies.

Attention to detail is one of his passions and strengths 

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