Mission Statement

Vision Mill Architects Limited Combines the experience and expertise of two seperate practices, both established by two different individuals, with different backgrounds and ideologies, and fuses them into a single entity with a common overriding objective: 'a comittment to design excellence and proffessional service'


Vision Mill Architects Limited has therefore had the distinct advantage of being able to critically evaluate different approaches and working methods, in order to establish a unique service-oriented architectural practice, commited to design excellence, but which firmly places the client at the forefront. The synergy created between the distinct components of the practice have been meshed into a symbiotic union, whose principal aim is to develop exceptional proposals appropriate to the clients beliefs.


Vision Mill Architects Limited is founded upon an obligation to design excellence, environmental care, sound management and technological innovation. They understand the clients requirements and endeavour to create quality proposals that serve learning, living, playing and working purposes. They provide a first class service with a proffessional attitude, which is responsive to the clients needs, respects the genius locii of the site, and is both creative and inventive in its execution.