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Molly Harris

Architectural Assistant Currently in final year of BA (Hons)

Molly started working at Vision Mill Architects in the summer

of 2015, returned the summer after, and now work here part

time. Previous experience include a six week agency project

for a University module in the Development Management

departments of Stroud District Council (April-May 2017), a

week’s work experience with Crest Nicholson, Bristol (August

2015) and working part time as an architect’s assistant at

Design for Living following a week’s work experience when

attending college (2012-2013).

Molly is specialising in both architectural design as well as

local planning policy. She is profcient at a wide range of CAD

software packages her strengths are in preparing strong

cohesive planning information.

Having grown up opposite the Carpet’s of Worth site Molly

has developed a love of historic, and abandoned buildings.

She enjoy visiting National Trust and other historic properties,

as well as designing and making crafts in her spare time. 

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